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My Own Genius Hour

Where I document my learning, celebrations, and struggles - since February, 2012


Since being encouraged to begin my "action research" in a workshop led by Ewan McIntosh, I've been wanting to share with others. If you want to know how I pursue student learning in my ELA class, check here. I share struggles, celebrations, and my learning. After joining Twitter, I've learned how to blog in order share my learning with others.


Many thanks to those who have helped my learning, namely Denise Krebs, Gallit Zvi, Hugh McDonald, and Erin Olson

The Power of Appreciation

​Gratitude is beneficial to those who give and receive it - since January, 2014

One tweet by Rik Rowe started it all.


​YOU write the blog posts for this blog. Join us, and make someone else's world a better place, while making yourself happier at the same time.

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Trying new DIYs - since June, 2013

I like to try new things and share them with others! So here are my efforts so far...

Passion, Purpose, Product

Trying to document my own Genius Hour projects - since July, 2013

When you assign something, do you make sure you complete the assignment before your students do? Thanks to A.J. Juliani, I joined the Genius Hour / 20% Time MOOC in the summer of 2013. Thank goodness I stuck with this one! I learned a ton about what I was assigning students, and what I needed to change. My learning is documented in this blog, as I try different projects so I can share my learning with my 7th graders, as well.


If you plan on trying Genius Hour with your students, I suggest you try blogging about it as well - it's tough!

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